Single person £26 per session

Joint partner £37 per session

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Sessions are booked in blocks of ten.

A New Concept for Parents and Children

There is a very real worry that our children are becoming less
and less active. We lead busier lifestyles which often revolve
around our work and it has become more difficult to maintain
healthy, energetic, quality time as a family.

I offer a new scheme in personal training that allows parents
to train with their children under the guidance of an
experienced personal trainer.

Previously it has been thought that children's bodies are not
developed enough for them to train within a gym environment,
however this idea has recently been proven as wrong and with
the frightening onset of childhood obesity it is actually now
encouraged. As long as your trainer is fully equipped with the
right knowledge, experience and qualifications and that your
child is not younger than 10 years old then it is perfectly

Many children suffer from a low body image and naturally they
compare themselves to their friends or whichever celebrity is
current. This sadly stops some children from involving themselves
in sport or from swimming in the local pools.
The gym will give children confidence and provide them and you
with a private environment to exercise, boost the energy levels
and improve body image .