Martin Mitchell. Newmarket. May 2022

Yariv has been my Personal Trainer for over 7 years and has produced a programme of exercise suitable for a 70-something. I recently injured my shoulder and he has put together a series of exercises that have definitely contributed to its gradual recovery. Thanks to him I feel fitter and more fulfilled.

Gill Holland. Red Lodge. April 2011

" I can't believe the difference that joining New Regym has made to me. It has proved to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I have exercised for many years and considered myself fit. It is very easy exercising on your own and to fall into your comfort zone and not push yourself. Yariv was highly recommended and I quickly discovered why. Yariv has changed the way I train. He is an expert at what he does and is supportive, knowledgeable and patient. It is nice having someone else in control of my workout so that I can keep my body guessing. I have always been reluctant to use weights as I didn't want to get big but I have been totally re-educated and the resistance work I have been doing has really improved my over all fitness. My body shape, muscle definition, strength and over all well being have also improved  and it has been so enjoyable. I would strongly recommend this gym to anybody, whatever their fitness goals." 


Terry & Marion O'Donoghue. February 2011

"We had both been through the experience of trying to utilise a large gym but the frustration of waiting on equipment and more importantly, no motivational guidance, rapidly eroded the incentive to keep attending on a regular basis. Yariv's programme, tailored to our age and needs, has kept our interest. The results (fitness levels and steady weight loss) give us the incentive to keep going. - Yariv has obviously put a considerable amount of thought and effort into producing an effective and varied programme week on week. All of it delivered at a friendly but demanding pace."

Sue S. Red Lodge. February 2011

"My journey to lose weight and change my life began in February 2011 when I joined New Regym. I never fully understood that the key to loosing a significant amount of weight (and keeping it off) was exercise. At first this was difficult for me but I persevered and quickly saw and felt the results, which far exceeded any previous efforts I had made. This has been possible with the guidance and support from Yariv, whom I have found to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. With his support and continued encouragement I can honestly say that joining New Regym has transformed my life. I feel fitter and stronger week by week and always look forward to the variety that Yariv introduces to the workouts. I have lost over 60 lbs and many people have noticed a huge change in my appearance. My whole outlook on life is more positive and I am so much happier. I would say to anyone reading this that the key to a healthier and happier life is to get exercising and improve your fitness, with the motivational efforts of a truly inspirational trainer."

L.Walsh. Ely.  July 2010

" I had tried to get my son involved in exercising but found that he soon got bored and gave up. We then went to our personal trainer who
made exercising fun and the routines flexible. Yariv has changed the way my son sees exercise and has given him the motivation to achieve 
a level of fitness that suits him."

Molly Langdon. Red Lodge. July 2010

"I would like to thank Yariv for giving us the opportunity to train as a family; being together under his supervision is fun whilst making us fitter and healthier.  
His patience and encouragement is greatly appreciated and gives us the enthusiasm to keep going back! We are now on our third set of sessions and he won't be seeing the last of us yet!!"

Jane Gilbert. Mildenhall. September 2010

"Having suffered several years with M.E, arthritis and recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I decided enough is enough. I am 66 years old and becoming an old woman. So with the doctor's blessing I joined New ReGym. It is the finest thing I have ever done. Mr Yariv Kam, the personal trainer is excellent. Kind, considerate, full of encouragement, making all the exercises varied and interesting. It is now eight weeks since I started. My mobility is better, I am not so tired, my body is becoming more flexible and also my blood pressure is dropping. This naturally is excellent news. Certainly regular exercise has great benefits. I wish that I had done this years ago. The future looks more positive."

Crinna Tyrell. Bury St Edmunds. September 2010

"I first went to see Yariv about 7 weeks ago, although very reluctantly. My friend decided she wanted to lose weight and get fit and asked me to go along with her. I agreed to support her even though it would interfere with quality time spent in front of the tv, feet up and covered with my fleece.  After the first couple of sessions I was already feeling some benefits and made the decision to spend about a month having an hour class 5 days a week. BEST DECISION AND INVESTMENT IN ME I HAVE EVER MADE! I am feeling brilliant, he works me to the very best of my ability and beyond. He is teaching me how to get the best out of workout time, exercising in a way that I have never done before and the results are better than I could ever have hoped for. Having been pretty hefty for most of my life I am seeing a shape emerging and muscle definition that I never thought possible. If you want to make some positive changes to your life go and see him – you won’t regret it."


Sharon Hermance. Ely.  July 2010

"I have been attending this gym for a few months now. I totally love the privacy and the variety of each session. The novelty of joining a gym has never worn off and I remain enthusiastic. I feel much healthier and can definitely see a difference to various areas of my body. I highly recommend this to everyone!"


Carol Ensinger. Freckenham. October 2010

"My husband and I joined Yariv in October 2010 after having spent a long time discussing the fact that we needed to do more and get fit. The thought of joining a large, impersonal gym did not appeal and so New ReGym is the ideal solution. As novices to gyms, we appreciate the individual attention and the fact that our progress is closely recorded and monitored. We certainly get our money's worth as Yariv ensures that we are worked to the best of our ability for the full hour. We are pleasantly surprised that we actually enjoy going to the gym after only a short time, (having taken a break for Christmas) we are reaping the benefits and feeling fitter in ourselves and looking forward to seeing the evidence in our shape."


Rory MacDonald. Herringswell. October 2010

" I suspect that there are many like me who wanted to do something about their personal fitness but who lacked the self discipline to do something themselves. Yariv provides the necessary encouragement, support, variety of exercises and facilities that now allows me to include fitness as part of my regular programme. I would strongly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation."